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In the time I have had my WebTV classic, I have made over 200 pages and realize that navigating between the sites can be difficult. This page is to make finding your way around easier. Please see the subtitles below to access the area you wish to visit.There is an alternate "button" index at that bottom of the page that you are welcome to save.

Current page count: 254
( ummm...I think ? ) Last update 9/20/99.

WebTV Pages

  1. WebTV Links - Page 1
    One of my first links pages, many helpful pages to get you started.
  2. WebTV Links - Page 2
    More links and FAQ's to help you on your journey
  3. WebTV Links - Page 3
    More links including some of the earlier tool pages and a mirror site for the transloader
  4. WebTV Links - Page 4
    This page is still under construction, but does have some valuable information.

    Background Collection & Links
  1. Background Information
    Information on gifs and jpgs used as backgrounds. Please note that some backgrounds can be re-sized for better viewing using an imaging machine tool.
  2. My Background Collection
    This is my collection of backgrounds on four FKeys - over 80 pages, with over 1200 images. Some of the pages were "lost" in the geo/yahoo merger, but I have saved the html and they will be up and running again soon.
  3. Background Links - Page 1
    Background tiles, borders and other images to use as backgrounds. ( ewwwwwwwwwww....yuk.....I have to do something with that color gives me the chills every time I look at it ! LOL )
  4. Background Links - Page 2
    More links to background sites. The "animated " backgrounds won't be animated when used as backgrounds, but many will work when used as images.
  5. Background Links - Page 3
    Links to a variety of background tiles, borders and sets in many styles.
  6. Background Links - Page 4
    The page itself is far from a designers show piece, I was still learning, so thank heavens the authors of the pages it links to had developed their talents. You'll find many options here.
  7. Background Links - Page 5
    The newest link page, created 7/99.

Midis, Mods, Real Audio & Music Related Links
  1. Music - Midis, Mods etc
    This is one of my favorite pages. It links to nine midi links pages, including original composer sites. It also links to my old seven page real audio site ( the new site is below ) and one page of music related sites where almost anything having to do with music may be found.
  2. Music Help
    Here I offer search engines and music resource pages to aid you in finding music of all types.
  3. aaa-na's Real Audio Home
    This is the newest of my audio pages. It currently contains eighteen pages of all kinds of audio, listed by genre, as well as my collection of singles.Besides the usual types, it also has radio and voice audio, and links to sites that are not genre specific. Somehow I don't think it will ever be completed. It's my current favorite to work on and will continue to grow indefinately.
  4. Midi Collection
    These three pages of my collection are now connected via the mirror site, the original pages have been taken down.Please save from here.
  5. Midis A - D
    The beginnings of an alphabetical listing of midis. It too is a mirror of the original page which has been removed.
  6. Karaoke
    This is an itty - bitty page with only a few links on it. If you have a favorite karaoke page, send it along and I will be happy to add it.
  7. More Of aaa-na's Music Links
    Another page of links, mostly midis...I dont think it is connected to any of my other indexes, so if you can use it, please save from here.
  8. Wavs Links
    Very few links here, but it does have access to many wavs. It's just waiting for me to pull links from my files and add them.
  9. Dan Fogelberg Lyrics
    Dan has to be one of my favorite artists. This page is the lyrics to " Nexus".If anyone runs into any Dan Fogelberg real audio, please send it to me.

Graphics, Images, Illustrations & More
  1. aaa-na's Graphics Collection - Pages 1 & 2
    Various gifs and jpgs that have been left their original size so that you may judge clarity and suitability for your pages.
  2. aaa-na's Collection Of Angels
    Again all images are the original size. Page 2 is still under construction and will be attached when completed.
  3. aaa-na's Collection Of Bars
    Most of these bars are animated. Static bars can be found on the graphic collection pages above used in their design as dividers on the pages.
  4. aaa-na's Collection Of Animated Gifs
    A very small collection that is waiting for me to add all the ones I have in my files. You may still find something unusual and useful for you pages here.
  5. Gifs & Graphics Links - Page 1
    Links to some of the earliest pages I found on the web to use on my pages.
  6. Gifs & Graphics Links Page 2
    More links to the earlier sites, including the one many of us created our very first pages draac's.
  7. Gifs & Graphics Links - Page 3
    A fairly long list of links to various graphics sites, with one of my favorite animations frequently used in my email sigs, as part of its design.
  8. Gifs & Graphics Links - Page 4
    This page looks short and uninspiring until you access the links and investigate the options.
  9. Gifs & Graphics Links - Page 5
    An ecclectic assortment of links. Try the Sports Logos for something different, as well as the Animated Signatures.
  10. Gifs & Graphics Links - Page 6
    I guess you have figured out by this time, that I love graphics ! If I didn't know where else to place links, they were attached on this page.
  11. Gifs & Graphics Links - Page 7
    This page is pretty bare at the moment, but will be the next graphics page to be edited.
  12. Links To Fractals
    Fractals hold a fascination for me. Beware if you should choose to use any of these images, that they are "heavy" and many carry copyrights. They are varied in size, shape and makeup, ranging from "airy" and "ethereal" looking, to massive "EXPLOSIONS" of color!
  13. Links To Seasonal Sites & Images
    I leave this site up all year so you can work on your 4th of July signatures and pages around New Years, your Halloween things maybe on Labor Day and your spectacular Christmas creations while at your summer cottage or cabin! LOL !!

Tools, Machines & Gadgets
  1. aaa-na's ToolKit Panels 1 & 2
    These are two HUGE panels of links to all kinds of "gizmos" that will allow you to manipulate text and images, make banners etc. to customize your pages. Remember that after you make or re-work an image, it may need to be tranloaded from the temporary results produced to become permenant images.
  2. aaa-na's ToolKit - Panel 3
    Third panel of the set above.Links To Tools - Page 4
    A page of text links to miscellaneous tools.
  3. Links To Tools - Page 5
    Let's just call this the tools "overflow".
  4. aaa-na's Color Charts, Cubes, Machines & Gizmos
    This page began because I needed different color resources than I had at the time. As a result, this is now a resource for color used in backgrounds, text and color manipulation tools.
  5. aaa-na's Color Tester Page
    My "old faithful" color tester adapted from an original free JavaScript code.

  6. JavaScript, CGI,Html & Tutorials Of All Kinds

    1. aaa-na's Conversational Html
      aaa-na's own html tutorial ( over 40 pages I think ). The style is a little different than many, so hope it fits your learning style.The entrance can be a slow way into the site. If it drives you NUTS go in this Entrance !
    2. JavaScript & CGI
      From self-help primers to cut n' paste codes.
    3. aaa-na's Links To TutorialsJavaScript, CGI, Perl,forms and html tutorials from "newbie" to challenging webmaster links
    4. Html Help & Links
      Probably the first links page I ever made for myself to get started.It's painfully simple. Be sure and check the WebTV and assorted tutorial links above for extensive html help.

    Search Engines And Other Resources

    1. Two Page "Newbie" Search
      A good basic search page for those who are new to the web.The page has a link to a transloader so that your "finds", especially graphics and music can be saved to your own homepage server.
    2. aaa-na's FKey Of Search Engines & Resources
      An FKey of general as well as specifically titled search engines and resources
    3. List Of Search Engines & Other Resources
      Links to some of the "bazillion" search engines and resources available.
    4. More Ways To Search From aaa-na
      Another page of links, begun the end of 7/99.

      The "Junk Drawers"

      1. Junk Drawer - Page 1
        Periodically I open the editor of these pages and poke around in my email and attach bits and pieces that I think will be useful at some point. Most are Html, utility and WebTV related. You never know what might show up here.
      2. Junk Drawer - Page 2
        As above, things that are useful, including freebies, tools, tutorials, FAQ's and the like.
      3. Junk Drawer - Page 3
        Not much here yet, but it will be the page I grab on my next email "cruise" to attach assorted useful pages, so maybe check back now and then.
      4. Junk Drawer - Page 4
        This is kind of a specialized junk drawer. It has links to site promotion and email, page and site marketing. Even if you don't intend to promote or market your work, some of the links may have value for you.

      Food, Cooking & Recipe Related

      1. Tips & Tricks, Favorite Recipes etc.
        Just as the title suggests.
      2. Chart Of Ingredient Substitutions
        Common substitutions for ingredients.
      3. Food Related Pages
        Several of my food related pages are here linked back to some of the pages above, as well as to the newer pages. This page also has a link to food and diet as many believe it relates to migrane headaches.

      Various General Interest

      1. Chat Information
        Chat servers, roomlists, IRC's & information.
      2. E - Cards & Gifts
        For holidays, special events and "just 'cuz".
      3. Medical Information Links
        A short list of on-line medical information resources>
      4. On line Friends
        By the looks of the URL, it's the 2nd page I made a couple of years ago. Please visit these pages for help and information.

      Of Interest To Women

      1. WWHWC
        "WebTV Women Html Co-op"- join the webring, access the messageboard, get html help. A great group of pages authored by women of all html skill levels.
      2. More Writer's
        More women html writers, not yet attached to the main index.
      3. Women's Topics
        Two pages of links on a variety of subjects that may be of special interest to women.
      4. Of Interest To Women - Page 3
        Topics of interest about women, children and families.

      My Personal Biography & Interest In The Northern Ca. Foothills

      1. Article From Net4TV Voice
        ~V~'s article about me and my my on line work.
      2. From Boston To The Northern Ca. Sierra Foothills
        Growing up in the Boston, Ma area, living in Panama City Fla, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Sacramento and the Grass Valley area of the Sierra foothills. ( Indulge me here a sec., thats an old picture of me. I now weigh more like 115 and actually have hair...but yes, i am still about 5' nuthin' and as I often say, "40 too many" lol )
      3. Where I live Now
        The area in and around Grass Valley Ca, where sadly I am going to have to leave soon..back to the city " Sacramento HERE I come.." hehehe !!!
      4. Northern Ca's Early Days
        Pictorial of in and around Northern Ca's early days.
      5. Words Of Inspiration
        This is a mirrored page of some thoughts that someone emailed me quite a while ago. I refer to them often and hope that you too will like them.

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