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...more marquee codes.

Yessss More !!!

( that's a "welcome" gif up there, NOT a marquee ! )

The code for the marquee above that stopped is:

<<>marquee width="125"behavior="slide">Text <<>/marquee>

...just adjust the width to reveal the length of the text.

Need a background color behind your marquee ???

<<>marquee bgcolor="??color">Text<<>/marquee>


Each letter above is its own little marquee. For EACH letter type:

<<>font color="???color"><<>marquee width="40"scrollamount="???#"behavior="alternate">Letter<<>/marquee>

make the scrollamounts various amounts. In this example, I used 4, 6, 2, 5, & 3.

It's worth noting that when working with marquees, all the same commands for font color, size and effect, work.

Experiment with all of those as well as " behavior", "scrollamount" and " direction" to achieve various results.