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Wanna Learn More???

Geeeeesh !!! I hate to tell you how long it took me to build that welcome thingy up there!
It took a couple of hours.

#1 because I had no plan.
( cuz i'm duhhh, I guess ! )

#2 because I wasn't sure some of the commands would even work with a marquee.

#3 because there are sizes heights and widths to deal with of four tables, two images, the marquee, fonts in 2 places, and all the borders, cellpadding and cellspacing, NOT to mention the BAZILLION color combinations I tried!So now at least it's done and we can move on to MORE marquee ideas.

Ready To Bounce Along ?

That's any easy one!
To make it bounce, it's

<<>marquee behavior="alternate">Text Here<<>/marquee>

Which Way Ya Wanna Go ?

The commands for that are:

<<>marquee direction=left width=50%> Text Here <<>/marquee> <<>marquee direction=right width=50%> Text Here <<>/marquee>