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...To Basic Marquee Codes

Are You Ready ???

Yes, thats a marquee too ! No it doesn't scroll, but it does use the same attributes as many marquees. Here's the code.

<<>marquee scrollamount=400 scrolldelay=300>Text Here<<>/marquee>

If that was too, ummm... ahhhh, " flashy" , try this one.

<<>marquee scrollamount="5">Text Here<<>/marquee>

Faster??? Try marquee scrollamount="20"

When used as the only marquee, scrollamount="20" would be way too fast !!! It would just ZIP across the page. But try it just once to see what happens.
( It makes me giggle ! )

Other Way ????

<<>marquee direction=right>Text Here<<>/marquee>

It looks like all these marquees on one page are slowing each other down. Let's go to the next page to see more ways to set them up.