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I would like to thank the talented designers of these borders. Their work has allowed many of us to create pages that give the perception of depth as well as great color accent and shadows.

Some borders are not correctly sized for WebTV in their original form, and need to be re - sized to make them suitable. Some are "jpg's" that may be blocked by your homepage service provider. Please read below for more hints.

Tables are widely used as a means to contain images and text on border backgrounds. If tables are not used, text or images may "bleed" over into the border giving an undesired result.

If we use this page as an example, there are already three tables, four width adjustments and six alignment attributes used.

If you wonder why the alignment attributes outnumber all the others, it's because it is sometimes neccessary to align a table in one direction and then the text within it in the other direction.

If that just made your head spin , don't worry. with a little practice and experience, you will be using border backgrounds to add interest to your pages !

You may access my collection of borders.

There are also many excellant tutorials by WebTV users that will help you develope your skills in using tables as well as other links to other useful information.